PNConnect Weekly Reading 6/30/16: Here’s how I’m going to beat you. I’m going to outwork you.


News Feed FYI: Helping Make Sure You Don’t Miss Stories from Friends


Facebook has further altered the terms of its deal with brand publishers: Facebook will be decreasing the reach of publishers’ posts while boosting those from family and friends. Brand managers should continue to temper expectations as to Facebook’s benefits.

Introducing Twitter Dashboard


Twitter has introduced Dashboard as a place for brand account management. Users can schedule Tweets, monitor related conversations and more. Most of these features are available through other CMS platforms, but it’s nice to see Twitter offering them as a native feature.


PN Intern Profiles: Jamie Adachi (PN Interns Blog, 6/27/16)

My journey to public relations has been a long and windy road taking me from Chicago to Dallas, back to Chicago and finally to Porter Novelli Atlanta.

Creating Meaningful Change in Mental Health (Porter Novelli Blog, 6/28/16)

Helping clients achieve purposeful change and social impact sounds good on paper, but is it really doable? How often can we make it happen? Are there really companies and organizations doing it – and if they are doing it, where does communications come into the picture?


PNConnect Weekly Reading 6/23/16: Will Smith Also Isn’t in This


New Ways to Tap into Video on Twitter

The expansion into longer video opens up interesting possibilities. The changes to Vine are most notable — it’s getting longer video and setting up a monetization system for creators.



Tumblr Is Getting into Live Video, But It’s Completely Different Than Facebook or Periscope

As the story notes, this isn’t actually live video natively on Tumblr, but a reasonable approximation through partnerships with other video companies. Still, this makes it official, and now just about every social network is doing *something* around live video.



PN Intern Profiles: Holden Galatas (PN Intern Blog)

My name is Holden Galatas, and I am a rising sophomore at Georgia Southern University (GSU). I am currently a multimedia journalism major, with a minor in public relations.  This summer, I have been presented with a fantastic opportunity to work with the sports reputation management team (AIM) here at PN ATL.

The Best Days Are Ahead: Special Forces to Public Relations (Porter Novelli Blog)

During my time as a Green Beret, I learned to thrive under intense deadlines in chaotic situations where everything was changing at all times. The only constant was that…there just wasn’t a constant.


PNConnect Weekly Reading 6/16/16: You’ve Got To Love What You’re Doing


Voce Podcast Ep. 9: Apple’s WWDC News


In the latest episode of the Voce Nation Podcast, we talk about all – or at least much of – the news coming out of Monday’s WWDC keynote and presentation by Apple.

Snapchat Launches a Colossal Expansion of Its Advertising, Ushering in a New Era for the App


The API means that Snapchat ads will, for the first time, be sold by third parties, and will be divided by two kinds of collaborators: Ads Partners and Creative Partners.


What Does Client Service Excellence Mean to… Elysia Nazareth (Voce Nation, 6/13/16)

In this new blog series, we’ll talk to some of Voce’s very own Client Service Stars and explore what client service excellence means to them. To kick us off, we interviewed our Q1 Client Service Star – Supervisor Elysia Nazareth.


PNConnect Weekly Reading 6/9/16: If you even dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologize.


Instagram Rolls Out New Algorithm-Based Timeline


Instagram confirmed that the new feed it announced in March has gone live for many users. It says the new experience is already resulting in users being more engaged with posts.

Snapchat Redesigns with Publishers and Brands in Mind


A new update to Snapchat combines Discover, the section of the app with stories from select publishers, and Live Stories, the collections your friends put together of their epic night clubbing.


PR People Aren’t Supposed to be Smart. Let’s Fix That (Porter Novelli Blog, 6/8/16)

From the industry’s origin, those outside of PR have viewed PR people as professional networkers: we schmooze with reporters and leverage those relationships to secure stories.


Snapchat Redesigns With Publishers and Brands in Mind

The News: A new update to Snapchat essentially combines Discover – the section of the app with stories from select publishers who are there because of their clout and ability to sell ads against those stories – and Live Stories, the collections your friends put together of their epic night clubbing. The idea seems to be that by placing Discover next to updates from friends, those brand name stories will appear more attractive, at least to the point of giving them a try. Discover publishers also have the ability to add mini headlines and custom images to create more appeal. Finally, Snapchat is adding a “Subscribe” button to Discover that will let people opt in to receive new stories from a publisher in their Recent Updates section.


PNConnect Insight: And so the evolution of Snapchat continues. The app continues to align more and more of not only its own resources but also the user experience around promoting publishing brands. If that sounds familiar it’s because it’s the same playbook Facebook, Twitter and other networks/apps have used in the past. Each instance has meant something different for both publishers and audiences since the playing field changes with each adjustment.

The change is driven in large part because those Discover ads that publishers sell are a major source of revenue for Snapchat. So it’s in their best interest to drive more eyeballs to what publishers are posting there.

Even through brand publishers can’t (yet, just wait until Snapchat figures out how to monetize it) participate in Discover there are still aspects of this update they can watch for. Specifically, the better placement for Live Stories means if they are posting those kind of Stories from events or other moments they should be more visible to the fans who are following Snaps.

More than that, even, if past is prologue then we can expect some of the features currently being introduced for Discover publishers to eventually make their way to brands. This is something Snapchat hasn’t done yet but it’s hard to believe it won’t see money in creating a Business-level account at some point.

PNConnect Weekly Reading 6/2/16: Ever Since I Was Born, I Was Dope


Every Graduate Is One in a Million—So How Can They Stand Out?


The Four Ps are: Purpose, Path, Passion and Personal Boundaries. They have been the cornerstones of my career, and I have watched countless young employees apply them.

Pew: People Use Social Media To Get News

pew social media news usage

A new study from Pew Research Center shows 62% of U.S. adults get their news from social media sites, with 18% doing so regularly.


Instagram Introduces Business Dashboards (PNConnect Blog, 5/31/16)

Business profiles will feature better contact information followers can use to get in touch. Meanwhile “Insights” will give network managers a closer look at post performance and audience demographics.

Voce Nation Podcast Ep. 8: Special Guest Jeremy Kaplan of Digital Trends (Voce Nation, 5/26/16)

This week we welcomed Jeremy Kaplan, Editor-in-Chief of Digital Trends, to the Voce Nation Podcast. Jeremy talked about how the Digital Trends team manages content production, what he sees in the future of distributed media and much more.

Grads – We Want You. We Need You. But You Gotta Put Down Your $%&$ Phone (Porter Novelli Blog, 5/26/16)

The bottom line is we want you, students. We need your fresh thinking and your new perspectives. We can’t wait to meet you. The communications world is yours to own. All you have to do is put down your phone.


Instagram Introduces Business Dashboards

The News: Instagram has made official what has been rumored for a few weeks now and introduced new and improved tools for businesses using the photo/video-sharing network. Business profiles will allow for better identification of a brand’s profile as well as provide contact information the audience can use to get in touch. Meanwhile “Insights” will give network managers a better look at how posts are performing as well as audience demographics and more. Finally, brands will have the ability to turn a well-performing or other post into an ad without leaving the app.

instagram new business tools 053116

PNConnect Insight: This will be a big improvement for anyone looking to make the most of their Instagram brand profile. Native analytics on Instagram have been essentially non-existent beyond surface-level follower count and such. So getting more information on the audience as well as how posts are performing in real time will help managers make smarter decisions in the moment as well as boost those that are either performing well already or which are strategically important (not always the same thing) in order to bring in more eyeballs.

It’s important to remember, though, that hot-off-the-presses analytics aren’t always the best. Yes, they can help you make in-the-moment decisions based on what’s working and show someone at an event that hey, that picture you almost didn’t let me take is doing really well. But just as, if not more, valuable are longer-term numbers that look at a month, quarter or longer period’s worth of data. Quick metrics help you make better decisions this afternoon but slow metrics help you make better decisions over the course of the next year.

Because of the big difference in how the numbers are presented, this shouldn’t compete too directly with established metrics providers like Union Metrics or SimplyMeasured, which specialize in more high-level reporting. It does, though mark another point in the evolution of Instagram as it seeks to not only become more brand-friendly but also open up more ad revenue opportunities.

Pew: People Use Social Media To Get News

pew social media news usageThe News: A new study from Pew Research Center shows 62% of U.S. adults get their news from social media sites, with 18% doing so on the reg. The biggest site used for news was Reddit, followed by Facebook and Twitter, with a big fall-off after Twitter to sites like Tumblr and Instagram, though that number specifically looks at existing users of those sites. On sites like Instagram and even Facebook the majority of people weren’t going there looking for news but happen upon it while they’re there doing other things.

Most interesting is that the majority of users – 64% – get their news from just one site. And just 26% get their news from two sites. Also of note is how news consumption trends for social sites is at least along the same lines as overall usage of those networks. Finally, the additional sources like TV, radio and newspapers people use vary greatly, with print newspapers unsurprisingly being the least-used additional resource.

PNConnect Insight: There are a host of notable insights and trends to pull out from the report.

First, the fact that most people are using just one site for their news has implications for the dissemination of diverse and differing opinions, particularly in light of Facebook’s self-reinforcing algorithm and the sheer size of Reddit, which is too massive for people to see everything. Many of these people may be using additional media like TV but how social media sites arrange and display the news is, based on the growth in reliance on them, may mean they soon become the primary source of discovery and additional sources are sought out to reinforce or provide more context.

Also of note is that many people are not going to these networks but are stumbling upon it while they’re there doing other things, presumably checking out updates from friends and other profiles they follow. That makes the way these networks filter and display news all the more important because it’s not the primary purpose of a visit. There’s a divide, though, between sites like Instagram and Facebook, which has always been more about connecting with family and friends, and Twitter and Reddit, which position themselves as being more news-oriented, or at least more conducive to news.

Overall, though, there’s a lot to learn here about how people are using social networks for news gathering, which has implications for how people are using social networks for connecting with and hearing from brand publishers. You have to assume that the same – or at least similar – patterns exist for how people see and seek out those updates from brands. That makes providing clear value to the audience super-important since the more value that’s provided the more your existing audience is going to engage and push those updates to an audience that’s not already following.

PNConnect Weekly Reading 5/26/16: I’m Tellin’ Y’all It’s a Sabotage

This Week’s Top Stories

Twitter Confirms Changes to Character Count Restrictions

Twitter has confirmed earlier reports that media will no longer eat into character counts, giving users a clean 140 characters to work with. Notable is that the post announcing these changes does not mention links.


Promoted Pins: Get Ready for Google Maps Ads

google maps

Google has announced that they are bringing ads to your Google Maps experience. As our online and offline lines continue to merge, marketed content on mobile devices becomes an ever more valuable tool for brands.


What I Wish I Knew After College: Voce Nation Part 2 (Voce Nation, 5/23/16)

This is the second in our May series of roundups from Vocians, sharing their best advice and tips that they wish could have told their younger selves. What do we wish we had known, that nobody bothered to tell us?

My First Year in the Workforce: Jenna Kreitman (Porter Novelli Blog, 5/25/16)

Reflecting on my first year in the workforce, I can clearly see how each of my decisions brought me to this place. I waited for the opportunity that called my name. And I went in full force. I embraced the unexpected.


Twitter Confirms Changes to Character Count Restrictions

The News: Twitter has confirmed earlier reports that media will no longer eat into character counts, giving users a clean 140 characters to work with. Not only media but also @usernames used when replying will not count. In addition to those points Twitter is making changes allowing you to Retweet and Quote Retweet yourself and no longer have to use the “.@” syntax to reply to someone but have it seen by your entire community of followers. These changes will be rolled out over the next few months, according to the post.


PNConnect Insight: Notable is that the post announcing these changes does not mention links as something that doesn’t count against the 140 characters, despite it being what was previously reported.

The immediate pushback seems to be around how any post, a reply or non-reply, that starts with an @username will go to all followers, not the just the overlap between the followers of those two accounts. But that’s actually a misreading of the update and while the description is vague it seems to say that straight @ replies will *not* appear in your timeline but a new post with an @username at the beginning *will* appear in the timeline. There’s also some concern that because @usernames won’t count against the 140 characters, which has people fretting over “Twitter canoes” with scores of people @ mentioned that are insufferable.

For content marketers, some of this will be more interesting than others. Those writing posts with a link and a photo or photos will have to just account for 23 characters being lost to a link, not ~45 with a link and the photo. And the ability to RT your own update means an account can easily resurface older posts with updates or other more current information.

As the post says, these changes will be rolling out over the next few months, but because Twitter is giving developers the same lead time it’s giving users those changes will hopefully roll out to third-party CMS providers around the same time it’s on Twitter proper, which should help content marketing types take advantage of them at the same time as everyone else gets them.