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Our global team spans 60 countries and brings the combined digital resources of our social media marketing, creative production, paid promotions and web development capabilities together for one purpose — to help our clients share their story with the world.

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Today, brands have to be more than great marketers, they have to be great publishers too.

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    The most successful digital marketing programs begin with a solid content strategy.

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    Your company’s content is what people are discovering, it’s what they’re talking about, and it’s what they’re passing along to others.

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    Great content is what’s ultimately shaping and informing people’s opinions and perceptions of your brand.

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    We manage the content strategies for some of the biggest brands in the world.

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Our Approach

Successful brand publishing requires a unique mix of resources ranging from strategic planning, web development and creative production, to day-to-day operations, promotions and performance reporting — all services we offer in-house and make available to clients of any size. We call them the Seven P's.

  1. 01 Planning

    We help define your content strategy from audience analysis and goal identification, to fixing workflow gaps and channel misalignments.

  2. 02 Platforms

    We help identify your primary and secondary content distribution platforms and where necessary, we help you plan, design and develop them.

  3. 03 Production

    We help with all of your content production demands from core content that meets day-to-day needs, to highly customized premium content projects.

  4. 04 Publishing

    We help with all of the logistical needs of publishing content to the web, from coding and configuration work to optimization and content curation.

  5. 05 Promotion

    We help activate earned and paid promotion strategies to promote your content, from social ads and keyword buys to media and influencer outreach.

  6. 06 Participation

    We help you understand how the marketplace is interacting with your content, from keyword watch systems to issues response and reporting.

  7. 07 Performance

    We help you capture, analyze and measure the performance of your content, from platform metrics to sentiment analysis to competitive benchmarking.

Client Spotlight

Client: Playstation

We currently provide content planning support for PlayStation’s global network of branded social media properties in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Latin America.

Our Experience

Our approach to brand publishing is the direct result of the years we've invested managing the global content strategies for some of the largest consumer and business brands in the world. This experience allows us to bring incredible insights, practices and efficiences to bear for all of our clients.

Client Spotlight

Client: DC Entertainment

We currently support the social media program and content production needs for DC Entertainment, including several of its brand and character properties.

Our Team

It's easy to bring a divergence of talent and expertise together, however, it's much harder to make this talent operate as a team — AND keep it together. Our team is anchored by a strong and seasoned leadership team that consists of some of the leading thinkers, creators and makers in the communications business.

    Client Spotlight

    Client: Tribune Broadcasting

    We created a responsive platform to power more than twenty-five television station and direct content sites. Working closely with the Tribune staff, we designed, developed and deployed a product that can take the heat of newsrooms across the country.

    “It’s how much can you walk away from to really be bold and purify the product and start clean.”

    Jason Jedlinski, VP of Digital Operations, Tribune Broadcasting

    Connect Blog

    PNConnect Weekly Reading 12/18/14: LinkedIn’s Movie Marketing, Facebook’s New Tools and More

    Social Media

    Liam Neeson will seriously endorse your ‘particular set of skills’ on LinkedIn

    “But Taken 3 has indeed taken to LinkedIn, giving fans a chance to have Mills himself endorse their “particular set of skills.” All you have to do is go to fox.co/Taken3LinkedIn.com and follow the page to be entered; the contest runs through Dec. 23 and the winner will be announced the week of Jan. 4. Neeson will then record the video that the winner can use on his or her own LinkedIn profile. Ambush beatings of professional enemies not included.”

    PNConnect Insight - Well, this is interesting – both for the film and for LinkedIn (a Voce/PN client). The traditional route would have been to promote a movie on Facebook. The fact that they didn’t might be reflective of any number of things: the rising influence and importance of LinkedIn, the increasing saturation and noise on Facebook, a different target audience for this film than one might have expected. In any case, it is interesting to see Hollywood branching out to LinkedIn to promote its products, and it will be even more interesting to see how the LinkedIn community reacts to the encroachment of entertainment into its traditionally business-focused realm.​

    GWIUnfollowChartREPORT: 30% of Facebook Users Have Unliked or Unfollowed Brands’ Pages

    “When Facebook users like brands’ pages, that sentiment may not be permanent, as research from GlobalWebIndex indicated that 30 percent of Facebook users between the ages of 16 and 64 have unliked or unfollowed brands, with that figure rising to 38 percent among users aged 16 through 24.”

    PNConnect Insight - When you’re compiling program metrics it can be useful to track not only how many people have Liked a page in the last period but also how many have Unliked it as well as what the net gain is. Then look at why those people are unliking the page and make content planning adjustments, if there are any actionable insights, accordingly.

    Flipboard: The ‘next big thing’ for public relations

    “Where Flipboard gets really useful for public relations professionals is in its use as an agency portfolio of online client mentions, including posts from bloggers, featured articles, press announcements, social networks updates and comments, video clips and images of client products and services.”

    PNConnect Insight - While we can debate whether Flipboard is or isn’t the right tool for a particular program (there are certainly other options with similar functionality) the point is still true that finding a good way to present a portfolio or even just to distribute content in a new and visually interesting way can be a valuable exercise.


    Hacking The Tweet Stream — Five Hundred Words

    “More recently, there’s been a trend with a similar goal (to increase the 140-character limit), but immensely better execution and flow: appending screenshots of text to tweets.”

    PNConnect Insight - As we’ve seen with @ mentions, hashtags and other functionality, people are going to figure out new ways to use Twitter that meet their particular needs. Adjust accordingly.

    New Research: 65% of Top Brands on Facebook Post Five Times a Week or More

    “For top digital marketing teams, the potential value of Facebook’s audience is too good to ignore. Our newest study of the Interbrand top 100 global brands in the world finds that 97% of the top brands in the world use Facebook as a marketing channel. 65% of top brands on Facebook post five times a week or more. Photos account for 77% of all post engagement for top brands.”

    PNConnect Insight - Facebook continues to be too big to ignore for brands. What will be interesting to see is if the 2015 decrease in Reach starts to change that thinking as they see not just Reach but also subsequent traffic referrals drop dramatically.


    Twitter Activity Peaks After TV Showings

    “Tweeting related to TV programming is primarily occurring around live airings of shows but significant Twitter activity continues in the days after an episode’s original showing. Nielsen Social says 68% of the majority of weekly program tweets are sent during live airings — 70% for reality shows, 64% for drama, and 55% for comedy.”

    PNConnect Insight - In other words, people like using Twitter to talk about TV, whether it’s shows they love or ones they’ve hate-watched.


    New Tools and Insights for Publishers

    “Today, we’re excited to respond to publishers’ requests by introducing ways to target posts, remove posts that are no longer relevant and identify popular links that you haven’t shared.”

    PNConnect Insight - Facebook rolling out new tools not just for targeting posts but for counting metrics just before the end of the year is obviously meant to try and soften the blow of the Reach hit publishers are about to take. The gist here seems to be Facebook showing brands a better way to do it, meaning the onus is then back on those publishers for success or failure.

    New for Facebook Pages: Calls to Action

    “Designed to bring a business’s most important objective to the forefront of its Facebook presence, call-to-action buttons link to any destination on or off Facebook that aligns with a business’s goals.”


    PNConnect Insight - This could be a great tool for brands who want to use their Facebook page to drive to a sign-up form, conversion source or other destination.

    YouTube Now Lets You Make GIFs From Videos

    “At the moment, it looks like the feature is experimental — the only channel we can find with it enabled is the PBS Idea Channel. In practice, it’s pretty slick: on a video with GIF capability, you click Share, then GIF, and can then customize your clip. Maximum length is six seconds, with options to add top and bottom text if needed. Actual GIF creation takes seconds.”

    PNConnect Insight - While this appears to be in very limited beta testing right now, this could be a great native tool that allows publishers to create media that can be used on other platforms but which still encourages YouTube video viewing. There are certainly other ways to do this right now, but YouTube wanting to own that experience says they’re paying attention to where the media landscape is right now.

    Twitter And Foursquare Are Partnering To Improve Location In Tweets

    “Twitter wants to start surfacing information for users that’s relevant and interesting, not just timely. And the company believes adding a location layer to its platform could be part of the solution. Twitter and Foursquare are planning to partner together in 2015 to power location in tweets, a source familiar with the deal tells Business Insider.”

    PNConnect Insight - A strong case could be made that Foursquare, which has largely fallen out of favor among the general public, has always made more sense as a behind-the-scenes data/functionality tool that can be integrated into other networks than as a stand-alone app. This kind of partnership could help the company remain relevant even as app usage declines.


    How the new Right Hand Column Ads are Delivering Greater Value

    “For people, the new right hand column ads offer a higher-quality, more visually appealing experience. For advertisers, the new ads provide a larger creative canvas and the ability to use the same images used in News Feed ads.”

    PNConnect Insight - Certainly notable if you’re running Facebook ads, but the usual caveats about a company producing stats to show the effectiveness of their own products are certainly in effect here.

    Inside Medium’s newest native ad gambit

    “The model blends the native advertising and paid sponsorship approach. In the case of Gone, the plan is for Medium to publish 60 stories over four months. Five of the pieces will loosely be about Marriott and identified as being published by Marriott. The rest will be produced by Medium, which hired Jamie Pallot, a seasoned editor whose editorial credits include Style.com and Condé Nast Digital, as Gone’s editor-in-chief.”

    PNConnect Insight - What’s notable here is how the ads are being praised as not sounding like ads. While that’s the goal of all native ads, there appears to be something unique that was done right in this execution.

    These Films, Books and TV Shows Ruled Tumblr’s Sponsored Entertainment Posts in 2014

    “It’s the end of the year, and Tumblr is recapping its top branded entertainment posts of 2014. With the average desktop user spending 14 minutes per visit in October, according to comScore, it’s clear why leading entertainment companies are advertising on the Yahoo-owned microblogging site. Television led this year’s field. Tumblr head of creative strategy David Hayes said engagement with related posts rose about 30 percent after a TV episode aired. And that popularity tends to wane slowly as the conversation continues online.”

    PNConnect Insight - The two most prominent takeaways from this report are 1) That all of the top sponsored content comes from movies or TV shows, which shows both what the Tumblr audience gravitates toward and what industries Tumblr has been most successful in working with and 2) That the report exists at all, which is an obvious appeal to everyone who’s *not* running sponsored posts to get on board and open the check book.


    PNConnect Weekly Reading 12/11/14: FTC Disclosures, Dark Social and More

    Social Media

    No, Agencies Can’t Ask Staffers to Casually Tweet About Clients

    “As brands push their messages through social media platforms like Twitter, the Federal Trade Commission is reminding marketers they need to disclose any bias on their promotional materials—even if they only have 140 characters to do so.”

    PNConnect Insight – While it may seem slightly random as to why the FTC chose *this* campaign at *this* agency to crack down on, the lesson remains that if you, in any way, have a paid relationship with something you’re promoting you need to disclose it. If that means you need to shorten the “suggested” copy someone sends, so be it. Not doing so is now officially against disclosure regulations and can mean trouble for you, the agency and the client.

    “Dark Social” Is Still Nearly 70 Percent Of Sharing Activity

    “RadiumOne’s results — drawn from a month’s worth of activity from the 900 million unique users on its network — put Facebook sharing at 23% of the global total and all other social networks at 8%. RadiumOne also found that 36% of dark social sharing happens on mobile devices and that some topics were more apt to be shared privately, with entertainment, careers, travel, science and education all topping the 80% dark social mark. Public sharing surpassed private in only five topics — home & garden, shopping, family & parenting and government & politics and pets — but only narrowly so for all except pets, as the chart below shows. Pets, with 81% of shares via Facebook, seem to be the only topic few mind sharing publicly.”


    PNConnect Insight – Much has been made about “dark social” in the last two years, largely because it plays merry havoc with an analytics team’s insights into where people are coming from. But even without distinct referral sources, behavior and preferences can be implied. Specifically, “dark social” referrals could be argued as being more valuable than others since they are usually coming from one-to-one word of mouth recommendations and not from a one-to-many network like Facebook and such.

    40% of Facebook Accounts For Fortune 100 Companies Are Unathorized

    “Forty percent of Facebook accounts and 20 percent of Twitter accounts claiming to be for a Fortune 100 company were unauthorized. Most of these accounts were offering “free” giveaways. NexGate found up to 330 such accounts per Fortune 100 brand.”

    PNConnect Insight - A great argument for Twitter, Facebook and other networks to get serious about business-level support and stop making the requirements for “verified” accounts so nebulous.


    Social Scheduling: When Do Top Brands Post to Instagram?

    “Not surprisingly, many posts are also centered around whole day increments from the last time a post was made, suggesting a lot of big brands are doing their social media work during… wait for it… work hours. More interesting is that not only is this activity happening during work hours, but it’s happening within an hour or two of the time it was done the day before.”


    PNConnect Insight - Brand Instagram profiles are, in some ways, hampered by the fact that posts can’t be scheduled for off-hours. On the other hand, forcing updates to be manually published – and therefore be clustered during business hours – means those off-hours are free of (sometimes unwanted) brand intrusion on personal updates.

    Peter Pan Live Shows Opportunities Brands Have on Twitter

    “Despite the scathing review from The Daily Beast’s Kevin Fallon labeling Peter Pan Live “an inexcusable bore” and the show’s ability to inspire numerous “hate tweets,” multiple brands took the opportunity to tweet alongside the event.”

    PNConnect Insight - “Real time marketing” isn’t a real thing and it’s hard to see how most of what brands published during Peter Pan Live wasn’t planned and approved well in advance of the broadcast. Most of what is held up as “real time” is about as spontaneous as a national advertising campaign.


    Andy Carvin launches social-media reporting team for First Look

    “The venture is called Reported.ly, and in a nutshell it will be doing an expanded version of what Carvin did for NPR during the Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt and subsequent news events: the half dozen staff he has hired will be embedded in a variety of social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit and using them to report in real-time on breaking news stories and other important events.”

    PNConnect Insight - This is an interesting experiment, particularly in how they want to publish content directly on the networks they’re operating on and embedded within instead of always pointing people from there back to a main site. That’s a far cry from the “hub and spoke” strategy and there are some real concerns about the long-term brand value to be gained from this approach, but this will still be worth watching in how they adjust the content to the platform more organically.

    How much of your news site’s search traffic comes from Google News? Probably 5 to 25 percent

    “It’s hard to generalize too much from the data. The Christian Science Monitor, despite its somewhat old-fashioned reputation, is actually something of a SEO powerhouse, quite good at staying on top of Google Trends and posting webby copy that matches what people are searching for in the moment. It makes sense that Reuters, as a wire service, would do well for in-the-moment news searches. And that BuzzFeed’s search traffic comes overwhelmingly from the non-news side of Google makes sense, given its abundance of evergreen listicles.”

    PNConnect Insight - In other words, if your site is good at SEO you’ll likely get more traffic from Google News. That doesn’t change the fact that Google News has always been a slightly veiled and mysterious (and long neglected from a design and development point of view) entity, but it’s a fundamental truth that remains in place.


    Instagram Is Now Bigger Than Twitter With 300 Million Monthly Users

    “Instagram now has 300 million monthly users, picking up 100 million since March. The photo- and video-sharing app has surpassed Twitter’s official user count of 284 million. Facebook’s companion company, bought for $1 billion in 2012, announced the milestone today, as well as the fact that it will start handing out verified accounts, the kind coveted by Twitter’s users.”

    PNConnect Insight - This is interesting from a stats point of view as well as being an indicator of where people are spending more and more of their mobile social network time. But from a marketing point of view it’s not great news as Instagram, as has been well documented, is not a conversion network. Not to say awareness isn’t valuable goal, but the more people who opt for Instagram mean a smaller overall pool of potential click traffic.

    Facebook Is Pushing Harder Into Breaking News

    “The social network expanded its trending tool Wednesday, the feature that tells users what topics and stories are most popular on the service. Trending is now available on mobile, which wasn’t an option before, and includes a more organized layout that separates things like news stories from what your friends are saying about a specific topic, according to Andrew Song, a Facebook product manager.”

    PNConnect Insight - Facebook continues to try to be relevant in the breaking news conversation but all these changes do is highlight how difficult it is to get “news” in the Facebook News Feed, a problem that’s now leading it to break out the experiences to a degree.

    Facebook Video Is Driving YouTube Off Facebook

    “For the first time ever, Facebook Page owners uploaded more videos directly to Facebook than they did via sharing from YouTube videos, according to new data from Socialbakers. YouTube’s share of the videos posted to Facebook by content creators has been dwindling since May. At the same time, users began directly uploading videos to Facebook at a sharp upward trajectory.”

    PNConnect Insight – This is officially a trend, so if you’re not evaluating what to do with native Facebook video you may quickly find yourself behind the curve.

    Updates to Facebook Search

    “Your search results are personalized and unique to you and, as always, you can only see things that have been shared with you. You’ve also told us you need better search on your phone, so today’s updates were designed for mobile — they’ll be available on Facebook for iPhone in addition to desktop. Search at Facebook is a long-term effort. Today is a step toward helping you tap into the experiences and perspectives of your friends.”


    PNConnect Insight – “Yes, you really said that all those years ago.”


    Hachette to Experiment With Selling Books on Twitter

    “Now, the Hachette Book Group is testing whether a tweet from an author can directly trigger a sale. Hachette, which publishes best-selling authors like James Patterson, Michael Connelly and Malcolm Gladwell, announced on Monday that it would partner with Gumroad, a company that allows creators to sell their products directly to their social media followers without leaving the Twitter platform.”

    PNConnect Insight – This is as much about Hachette trying to pull an end-run on Amazon as it is an experiment with going direct to the audience with the ability to buy a book without leaving the Twitter environment.