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Our global team spans 60 countries and brings the combined digital resources of our social media marketing, creative production, paid promotions and web development capabilities together for one purpose — to help our clients share their story with the world.

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Today, brands have to be more than great marketers, they have to be great publishers too.

  • We Think

    The most successful digital marketing programs begin with a solid content strategy.

  • We Know

    Your company’s content is what people are discovering, it’s what they’re talking about, and it’s what they’re passing along to others.

  • We Believe

    Great content is what’s ultimately shaping and informing people’s opinions and perceptions of your brand.

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    We manage the content strategies for some of the biggest brands in the world.

  • We Think
  • We Know
  • We Believe
  • We Can Help

Brands We Serve

Sony PlayStation
Hewlett Packard

Our Approach

Successful brand publishing requires a unique mix of resources ranging from strategic planning, web development and creative production, to day-to-day operations, promotions and performance reporting — all services we offer in-house and make available to clients of any size. We call them the Seven P's.

  1. 01 Planning

    We help define your content strategy from audience analysis and goal identification, to fixing workflow gaps and channel misalignments.

  2. 02 Platforms

    We help identify your primary and secondary content distribution platforms and where necessary, we help you plan, design and develop them.

  3. 03 Production

    We help with all of your content production demands from core content that meets day-to-day needs, to highly customized premium content projects.

  4. 04 Publishing

    We help with all of the logistical needs of publishing content to the web, from coding and configuration work to optimization and content curation.

  5. 05 Promotion

    We help activate earned and paid promotion strategies to promote your content, from social ads and keyword buys to media and influencer outreach.

  6. 06 Participation

    We help you understand how the marketplace is interacting with your content, from keyword watch systems to issues response and reporting.

  7. 07 Performance

    We help you capture, analyze and measure the performance of your content, from platform metrics to sentiment analysis to competitive benchmarking.

Client Spotlight

Client: Playstation

We currently provide content planning support for PlayStation’s global network of branded social media properties in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Latin America.

Our Experience

Our approach to brand publishing is the direct result of the years we've invested managing the global content strategies for some of the largest consumer and business brands in the world. This experience allows us to bring incredible insights, practices and efficiences to bear for all of our clients.

Client Spotlight

Client: DC Entertainment

We currently support the social media program and content production needs for DC Entertainment, including several of its brand and character properties.

Our Team

It's easy to bring a divergence of talent and expertise together, however, it's much harder to make this talent operate as a team — AND keep it together. Our team is anchored by a strong and seasoned leadership team that consists of some of the leading thinkers, creators and makers in the communications business.

    Client Spotlight

    Client: Tribune Broadcasting

    We created a responsive platform to power more than twenty-five television station and direct content sites. Working closely with the Tribune staff, we designed, developed and deployed a product that can take the heat of newsrooms across the country.

    “It’s how much can you walk away from to really be bold and purify the product and start clean.”

    Jason Jedlinski, VP of Digital Operations, Tribune Broadcasting

    Connect Blog

    Virtual Reality, PageCloud, Holiday Ad Targeting and Google’s Fun Star Wars Promos

    PN New York Digital Digest: Week of 11/23

    The Latest Virtual Reality Stunts, Holiday-Targeting and How it’s Coming After Y-O-U, Star Wars and Google Partner to Make Gag Greatness,  & We’re Literally Counting Down for the Launch of PageCloud Which Sounds Like the Revolution in App Form

    Every week here in the Porter Novelli New York office, where our PNConnect digital team creates and executes content strategy for healthcare clients including Cardinal Health and Johnson & Johnson, financial institutions like Sammons, and consumer goods like Bel Brands and HP Inc, our team gets together to share not only project updates and ideas but to share research, product and platform developments and content marketing best practices. It’s kind of a digital show and tell, and it allows us to step outside of our inboxes and apply some critical thinking to what’s happening in the content marketplace. And in turn, we’d like to share them with our digital colleagues across the PNConnect global network and our clients.


    Hans specializes in balancing collaborative creative passion and writing experience with digital content curation and social media marketing. He is most keen on uniting his expertise with the latest industry trends in order to introduce fresh social strategies and campaigns that push the boundaries of social media’s integration into health care.

    In recognition of Oculus VR and Samsung Electronics debuting their mobile virtual reality device this week, I’m sharing a few other cool VR projects out there:

    • The Void is a new age playground that seamlessly blends virtual reality experiences with physical environments, using effects like wind and water to make those virtual worlds feel even more convincing — anything from jungles to caves to imaginary environments you couldn’t dream of. The company’s hope is to place Virtual Entertainment Centers in major cities throughout the country and users would purchase tickets.
    • Cedar Fair is testing a VR headset on real rides at a theme park  in Canada. The 360-degree 3-D VR experience synchronizes to the motion of the coaster to fully immerse riders in a virtual world of nonstop action. The trick is syncing the steep drops, airtime hills and G-forces of the ride with the visuals on the screen. So far, the tests have found that coaster riders don’t experience motion sickness while wearing the VR headsets.
    • Landmark Entertainment Group is creating a new virtual reality theme park people can enjoy from the comfort of their homes, the new project is to debut as the ‘Virtual World’s Fair’. The theme park, in line with its more traditional, physical counterparts, will offer several themed ‘lands': e.g. ‘Passportal’ will allows users to travel together to exotic destinations and international events such as national monuments or concerts.



    Amaris is responsible for managing digital programs from ideation through launch for clients including Regeneron, Amazon, GPI, and Sammons Financial Group.

    Just in time for holiday, Facebook and Instagram are ramping up their ad targeting. Specifically between Thanksgiving and New Years,  they will allow brands to target ads to people who publish posts with holiday related words. The target audience will include people who publish posts as well as what they like, comment and share, and people who interact with their posts the most.  This and recent efforts by Facebook really demonstrate a vested effort to  dip into retailer’s budgets and we can be sure this will continue to shape their future retail offering.

    A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away..

    Go ahead and type that headline into your Google Search…we’ll wait! Google is transforming our experience as they take us through a set of gags and product updates as part of their Star Wars promotion. This enhanced visual is also functional – links are all clickable, just like the standard look. Leave it to Google to keep us all guessing, intrigued, confused and surprised. We’ll keep taking notes!



    Chad is Porter Novelli’s Senior Vice President of Digital in New York. He’s responsible for overseeing all the digital stuff NY does with clients. This includes serving on embedded teams and helping to sell digital strategies to prospective and existing clients. And a lot of trouble shooting.

    PageCloud, which promises to revolutionize web design, will launch on Monday November 30. It basically promises drag and drop web design and features like straight from Photoshop to the web. The goal is to make the development part automated and seamless, and let designers take their designs to instant websites. A big promise. I wonder if this will do to web developers what desktop publishing did to the printing press? Doubtful, but I can’t wait to get my hands on it. The outdated and complex nature of web programming is a bit silly these days. Don’t you think? Let’s see.

    PNConnect Weekly Reading 11/25/15: Snapchat, For Example, Is Filed Under “H” for “Toy”

    Social Media

    On Snapchat, Brands Trust Influencers, But Verify With Only Screenshots

    (Wall Street Journal, 11/19/15)

    PNConnect Insight – Screenshots of personal account analytics? Is this real life? If you’re wondering why even more money isn’t being spent on Snapchat advertising, either directly or through influencers, “lack of metrics” is always the answer.

    Image via WSJ

    Snapchat Taps User-Generated Content to Expand On Stories, Ramp Up Video Views

    (Variety, 11/23/15)

    PNConnect Insight – Easing the discovery of user-generated updates that add context and value to an “official” story is a great idea — similar to what Twitter is going for with Moments, but much more real-time.

    Inside Snapchat’s Newest Feature: Story Explorer

    (LA Times, 11/23/15)

    PNConnect Insight – This new feature will allow deeper dives into stories of interest for viewers. And adding to the amount of video available will add to the amount of time Snapchat can show ads. Users get deeper explorations of stories and events, Snapchat gets to sell more ads.

    Twitter Responds To Brussels Police Request For ‘Radio Silence’ With Kittens

    (Mashable, 11/23/15)

    PNConnect Insight – On the lighter side, the kitten memes were pretty funny. On the more serious side, it goes to show the pervasiveness and the influence of Twitter, that Brussels police recognized that Twitter would impact communications and developments in their operations.


    Quora launches Writing Sessions, a civilized rival to Reddit’s AMAs

    (The Next Web, 11/20/15)

    PNConnect Insight – Alternatives are always good. As some missteps with recent Reddit AMAs have shown, that community may still be a tad rambunctious for many brand managers. Quora provides a much more stable, manageable framework for Q&As. At the same time, you sacrifice the buzz and sense of weirdness that make many Reddit AMAs so memorable.

    Search vs. Social Media: How Audience ‘Intent’ Can Affect Content Performance

    (Content Marketing Institute, 11/23/15)

    PNConnect Insight – This is a healthy reminder of the difference between search content and social content, so you can set proper expectations for how each will perform. Often, we forget that with most social content, the audience isn’t specifically looking for your content; they stumble across it or happen to see it while looking for another experience on a social platform. (The “quokka” example in the article is particularly enlightening.) Recognize the difference between the two types of content, the two purposes for content creation, and the correct set of expectations you should have for each.


    Social media drove more referrals than search for 2015’s biggest news stories

    (VentureBeat, 11/23/15)

    PNConnect Insight – This is a result of publications reengineering their editorial and CMS workflows to optimize for social rather than search. The more traffic they get from social, the more publishers will try to wring as much blood from that turnip as possible. But this is building a house on shifting sands, since social networks can change the deal at any moment, with publishers only praying they don’t alter it further. While search has its own quirks and algorithms, at least the emphasis is on driving traffic to an owned system, not on building an off-site audience that may be restricted at the whims of the social networks in question.

    Image via VentureBeat


    Now You Can Make GIFs Right Inside Tumblr

    (Buzzfeed, 11/17/15)

    PNConnect Insight – GIFs are Tumblr’s native language. Now it wants to facilitate easy creation of GIFs in a way that emphasizes original material, not just clips from “Friends” or “Dawson’s Creek.”

    Introducing the new Google+

    (Google Blog, 11/17/15)

    PNConnect Insight – It’s tempting to go all “Mean Girls” and say that Google needs to stop trying to make Google+ happen. But this evolution is actually a somewhat smart move; now, Google+ isn’t competing with the companies that already own the stream, it’s playing the same search game companies like Pinterest are playing. We’ll see if this actually makes a positive dent in Google+’s usage, but it certainly can’t hurt.

    Vine Adds A Remixing Feature So You Can Mash Up Audio And Video

    (Buzzfeed, 11/18/15)

    PNConnect Insight – This plays right into Vine’s current strength, which is less as a video-sharing social network and more as an outlet for video creatives and the audiences that loves them. Vine obviously saw organic user behavior along these lines and decided to give those creators native tools to make their work easier.

    The Story Behind the New WordPress.com

    (WordPress Blog, 11/23/15)

    PNConnect Insight – The technical changes behind the revamp are great in and of themselves, including the fact that Automattic has brought WordPress.com into the open-source fold. But what’s most interesting is that WordPress has launched a native Mac app for managing and publishing to blogs. For those who prefer a desktop experience instead of a browser-based one, that’s a big value add.