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Our global team spans 60 countries and brings the combined digital resources of our social media marketing, creative production, paid promotions and web development capabilities together for one purpose — to help our clients share their story with the world.

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Today, brands have to be more than great marketers, they have to be great publishers too.

  • We Think

    The most successful digital marketing programs begin with a solid content strategy.

  • We Know

    Your company’s content is what people are discovering, it’s what they’re talking about, and it’s what they’re passing along to others.

  • We Believe

    Great content is what’s ultimately shaping and informing people’s opinions and perceptions of your brand.

  • And We Can Help

    We manage the content strategies for some of the biggest brands in the world.

  • We Think
  • We Know
  • We Believe
  • We Can Help

Brands We Serve

Sony PlayStation
Hewlett Packard

Our Approach

Successful brand publishing requires a unique mix of resources ranging from strategic planning, web development and creative production, to day-to-day operations, promotions and performance reporting — all services we offer in-house and make available to clients of any size. We call them the Seven P's.

  1. 01 Planning

    We help define your content strategy from audience analysis and goal identification, to fixing workflow gaps and channel misalignments.

  2. 02 Platforms

    We help identify your primary and secondary content distribution platforms and where necessary, we help you plan, design and develop them.

  3. 03 Production

    We help with all of your content production demands from core content that meets day-to-day needs, to highly customized premium content projects.

  4. 04 Publishing

    We help with all of the logistical needs of publishing content to the web, from coding and configuration work to optimization and content curation.

  5. 05 Promotion

    We help activate earned and paid promotion strategies to promote your content, from social ads and keyword buys to media and influencer outreach.

  6. 06 Participation

    We help you understand how the marketplace is interacting with your content, from keyword watch systems to issues response and reporting.

  7. 07 Performance

    We help you capture, analyze and measure the performance of your content, from platform metrics to sentiment analysis to competitive benchmarking.

Client Spotlight

Client: Playstation

We currently provide content planning support for PlayStation’s global network of branded social media properties in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Latin America.

Our Experience

Our approach to brand publishing is the direct result of the years we've invested managing the global content strategies for some of the largest consumer and business brands in the world. This experience allows us to bring incredible insights, practices and efficiences to bear for all of our clients.

Client Spotlight

Client: DC Entertainment

We currently support the social media program and content production needs for DC Entertainment, including several of its brand and character properties.

Our Team

It's easy to bring a divergence of talent and expertise together, however, it's much harder to make this talent operate as a team — AND keep it together. Our team is anchored by a strong and seasoned leadership team that consists of some of the leading thinkers, creators and makers in the communications business.

    Client Spotlight

    Client: Tribune Broadcasting

    We created a responsive platform to power more than twenty-five television station and direct content sites. Working closely with the Tribune staff, we designed, developed and deployed a product that can take the heat of newsrooms across the country.

    “It’s how much can you walk away from to really be bold and purify the product and start clean.”

    Jason Jedlinski, VP of Digital Operations, Tribune Broadcasting

    Connect Blog

    Instagram 101

    (By Heather Brinckerhoff and Ashley Johnston)
    Instagram continues to make social media headlines, largely thanks to very impressive engagement rates and its recent transition away from only-square photos. Whether you’re wondering if you should dive in or you’re eager to ramp up your profile, these tips and insights will help you take the next step.


    • On Instagram, users can share photos and videos up to 15 seconds long. Photos in particular receive high engagement.
    • Hashtags play an unusually important role on Instagram. The only ways to search on Instagram are through hashtags, username search, or geolocation tags. Instagram hashtags help users discover content they’re interested in and help the site identify trending topics.
    • Instagram users can like or comment on photos and videos, but the app contains no native functionality for re-sharing others’ content. Third-party apps like Repost offer a workaround, but we don’t recommend them for brand accounts, as the results look unpolished.
    • Links in captions and comments aren’t clickable, which makes the link you list in your user profile particularly important. Captions can be edited after they’re published if necessary.
    • Instagram offers two side apps: Hyperlapse, a tool for shooting and sharing time-lapse videos, and Layout, a tool for combining multiple images into a single collage.
    • Instagram’s primary metrics are engagement and follower growth. You can track these stats manually over time or collect and analyze them through tools like Statigram, Simply Measured, or TweetReach (for hashtag tracking).


    Ikea built awareness for its new PS Collection with a faux website on Instagram. The campaign was unique to the platform and perfectly targeted to Instagram’s aesthetically inclined audience.



    • 400 million monthly active users, with 2.5 billion daily likes
    • Large international audience: 70% of users hail from outside the U.S.
    • 28% of U.S. adult internet users are on Instagram — 24% of the entire adult population. This proportion has doubled since 2012.
    • Popular among young adults: 55% of U.S. internet users ages 18 to 29 use Instagram
    • Particularly popular with non-whites: 47% of African Americans and 38% of Hispanics use Instagram
    • Slightly more women than men (34% of female internet users; 27% of male)
    • High engagement: 59% of Instagram users visit daily, a 10% year-over-year increase from September 2014
    • High brand engagement: In Q1 2015, engagement with U.S. brand posts increased 108% year-over-year

    Sources: Instagram, Pew Research Center, eMarketer


    Walt Disney World uses its Instagram account to share fan photos and unique perspectives on its parks.



    • When setting up your profile, use a brand logo or some other simple image as your avatar in order to avoid confusion and make it clear that your account is the official brand account.
    • Since your profile link is the only clickable link available on your Instagram, make sure it directs to the most logical destination for your Instagram following, whether that’s your homepage, your online store, or a landing page for an Instagram-specific promotion.
    • Don’t spam your audience: Limit your posts from a few photos a week to, at most, one daily.
    • When creating a new hashtag centered around an event or campaign, keep in mind that the most effective hashtags are short, clear, and unique.
    • Use filters sparingly. Your photos should be beautiful enough to stand on their own, and natural lighting is a plus.
    • All your photos should share a cohesive visual “feel” and a high level of aesthetic appeal. Experiment with negative space, unusual angles and other ways of styling your photos to make them dynamic and interesting.
    • Promote your Instagram profile and content on your other social networks, but steer clear of automatic re-sharing. Often, images from Instagram won’t embed properly and captions will be truncated.
    • Moderate comments to ensure that abusive comments are removed, preserving a positive environment for engagement.
    Michael Kors posts high-quality shots of its latest merchandise and upcoming lines, creating a virtual, always up-to-date
    product catalogue.
    Looking for more advice on incorporating Instagram into your content strategy? Reach out to your PNConnect representative, or send us an email.

    Pew Reports on Social Media Usage Changes Over Last Decade

    Pew is out with a new report on social media usage and how it’s grown over the last 10 years.

    According to the report, 65% of U.S. adults now use some social networking sites, up from a measly 75 in 2005 when it started tracking usage. As the study points out, this looks at ALL U.S. adults, not just the internet-using percentage of that group. Some of the key takeaways from the report include:

    Women use social networks more than men, 68% compared to 62%. More importantly, this has been true for almost the entire decade Pew has been tracking data. Only at the very beginnings of what we now call the social web – 2005 and 2006 – were more men using social networks than women. While the report doesn’t state it outright, that corresponds roughly with the launch of Facebook, which was much more about relationships, an area dominated by women.

    Income and education matter but not ethnicity. Usage varies drastically in the first two categories, with the well-off and well-educated showing much higher usage than those in lower income brackets or with lower levels of education. But between ethnicities there’s little difference.

    So how can you apply this to your social media program?

    It’s all about knowing the audience. While this particular report doesn’t break out how these demographic changes have impacted the user base of specific networks and apps there’s still some inferences that can be drawn if you combine it with other numbers. For many people social networks *are* the internet, so it’s important to see how many people are using those networks.

    To find out more about applying the latest tactics to your content marketing and social media program, contact PNConnect.