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Our global team spans 60 countries and brings the combined digital resources of our social media marketing, creative production, paid promotions and web development capabilities together for one purpose — to help our clients share their story with the world.

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Today, brands have to be more than great marketers, they have to be great publishers too.

  • We Think

    The most successful digital marketing programs begin with a solid content strategy.

  • We Know

    Your company’s content is what people are discovering, it’s what they’re talking about, and it’s what they’re passing along to others.

  • We Believe

    Great content is what’s ultimately shaping and informing people’s opinions and perceptions of your brand.

  • And We Can Help

    We manage the content strategies for some of the biggest brands in the world.

  • We Think
  • We Know
  • We Believe
  • We Can Help

Brands We Serve

Sony PlayStation
Hewlett Packard

Our Approach

Successful brand publishing requires a unique mix of resources ranging from strategic planning, web development and creative production, to day-to-day operations, promotions and performance reporting — all services we offer in-house and make available to clients of any size. We call them the Seven P's.

  1. 01 Planning

    We help define your content strategy from audience analysis and goal identification, to fixing workflow gaps and channel misalignments.

  2. 02 Platforms

    We help identify your primary and secondary content distribution platforms and where necessary, we help you plan, design and develop them.

  3. 03 Production

    We help with all of your content production demands from core content that meets day-to-day needs, to highly customized premium content projects.

  4. 04 Publishing

    We help with all of the logistical needs of publishing content to the web, from coding and configuration work to optimization and content curation.

  5. 05 Promotion

    We help activate earned and paid promotion strategies to promote your content, from social ads and keyword buys to media and influencer outreach.

  6. 06 Participation

    We help you understand how the marketplace is interacting with your content, from keyword watch systems to issues response and reporting.

  7. 07 Performance

    We help you capture, analyze and measure the performance of your content, from platform metrics to sentiment analysis to competitive benchmarking.

Client Spotlight

Client: Playstation

We currently provide content planning support for PlayStation’s global network of branded social media properties in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Latin America.

Our Experience

Our approach to brand publishing is the direct result of the years we've invested managing the global content strategies for some of the largest consumer and business brands in the world. This experience allows us to bring incredible insights, practices and efficiences to bear for all of our clients.

Client Spotlight

Client: DC Entertainment

We currently support the social media program and content production needs for DC Entertainment, including several of its brand and character properties.

Our Team

It's easy to bring a divergence of talent and expertise together, however, it's much harder to make this talent operate as a team — AND keep it together. Our team is anchored by a strong and seasoned leadership team that consists of some of the leading thinkers, creators and makers in the communications business.

    Client Spotlight

    Client: Tribune Broadcasting

    We created a responsive platform to power more than twenty-five television station and direct content sites. Working closely with the Tribune staff, we designed, developed and deployed a product that can take the heat of newsrooms across the country.

    “It’s how much can you walk away from to really be bold and purify the product and start clean.”

    Jason Jedlinski, VP of Digital Operations, Tribune Broadcasting

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    News Feed FYI: Helping Make Sure You Don’t Miss Stories from Friends


    Facebook has further altered the terms of its deal with brand publishers: Facebook will be decreasing the reach of publishers’ posts while boosting those from family and friends. Brand managers should continue to temper expectations as to Facebook’s benefits.

    Introducing Twitter Dashboard


    Twitter has introduced Dashboard as a place for brand account management. Users can schedule Tweets, monitor related conversations and more. Most of these features are available through other CMS platforms, but it’s nice to see Twitter offering them as a native feature.


    PN Intern Profiles: Jamie Adachi (PN Interns Blog, 6/27/16)

    My journey to public relations has been a long and windy road taking me from Chicago to Dallas, back to Chicago and finally to Porter Novelli Atlanta.

    Creating Meaningful Change in Mental Health (Porter Novelli Blog, 6/28/16)

    Helping clients achieve purposeful change and social impact sounds good on paper, but is it really doable? How often can we make it happen? Are there really companies and organizations doing it – and if they are doing it, where does communications come into the picture?


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    New Ways to Tap into Video on Twitter

    The expansion into longer video opens up interesting possibilities. The changes to Vine are most notable — it’s getting longer video and setting up a monetization system for creators.



    Tumblr Is Getting into Live Video, But It’s Completely Different Than Facebook or Periscope

    As the story notes, this isn’t actually live video natively on Tumblr, but a reasonable approximation through partnerships with other video companies. Still, this makes it official, and now just about every social network is doing *something* around live video.



    PN Intern Profiles: Holden Galatas (PN Intern Blog)

    My name is Holden Galatas, and I am a rising sophomore at Georgia Southern University (GSU). I am currently a multimedia journalism major, with a minor in public relations.  This summer, I have been presented with a fantastic opportunity to work with the sports reputation management team (AIM) here at PN ATL.

    The Best Days Are Ahead: Special Forces to Public Relations (Porter Novelli Blog)

    During my time as a Green Beret, I learned to thrive under intense deadlines in chaotic situations where everything was changing at all times. The only constant was that…there just wasn’t a constant.