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Our global team spans 60 countries and brings the combined digital resources of our social media marketing, creative production, paid promotions and web development capabilities together for one purpose — to help our clients share their story with the world.

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Today, brands have to be more than great marketers, they have to be great publishers too.

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    The most successful digital marketing programs begin with a solid content strategy.

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    Your company’s content is what people are discovering, it’s what they’re talking about, and it’s what they’re passing along to others.

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    Great content is what’s ultimately shaping and informing people’s opinions and perceptions of your brand.

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    We manage the content strategies for some of the biggest brands in the world.

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Brands We Serve

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Our Approach

Successful brand publishing requires a unique mix of resources ranging from strategic planning, web development and creative production, to day-to-day operations, promotions and performance reporting — all services we offer in-house and make available to clients of any size. We call them the Seven P's.

  1. 01 Planning

    We help define your content strategy from audience analysis and goal identification, to fixing workflow gaps and channel misalignments.

  2. 02 Platforms

    We help identify your primary and secondary content distribution platforms and where necessary, we help you plan, design and develop them.

  3. 03 Production

    We help with all of your content production demands from core content that meets day-to-day needs, to highly customized premium content projects.

  4. 04 Publishing

    We help with all of the logistical needs of publishing content to the web, from coding and configuration work to optimization and content curation.

  5. 05 Promotion

    We help activate earned and paid promotion strategies to promote your content, from social ads and keyword buys to media and influencer outreach.

  6. 06 Participation

    We help you understand how the marketplace is interacting with your content, from keyword watch systems to issues response and reporting.

  7. 07 Performance

    We help you capture, analyze and measure the performance of your content, from platform metrics to sentiment analysis to competitive benchmarking.

Client Spotlight

Client: Playstation

We currently provide content planning support for PlayStation’s global network of branded social media properties in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Latin America.

Our Experience

Our approach to brand publishing is the direct result of the years we've invested managing the global content strategies for some of the largest consumer and business brands in the world. This experience allows us to bring incredible insights, practices and efficiences to bear for all of our clients.

Client Spotlight

Client: DC Entertainment

We currently support the social media program and content production needs for DC Entertainment, including several of its brand and character properties.

Our Team

It's easy to bring a divergence of talent and expertise together, however, it's much harder to make this talent operate as a team — AND keep it together. Our team is anchored by a strong and seasoned leadership team that consists of some of the leading thinkers, creators and makers in the communications business.

    Client Spotlight

    Client: Tribune Broadcasting

    We created a responsive platform to power more than twenty-five television station and direct content sites. Working closely with the Tribune staff, we designed, developed and deployed a product that can take the heat of newsrooms across the country.

    “It’s how much can you walk away from to really be bold and purify the product and start clean.”

    Jason Jedlinski, VP of Digital Operations, Tribune Broadcasting

    Connect Blog

    PNConnect Weekly Reading 7/31/14: Facebook Unpublished Posts Increasingly Popular, Twitter Considers Filtered Feeds and More

    Social Media

    Twitter’s Dick Costolo Won’t Rule Out Any Changes Even Introducing a Tweet Algorithm

    “If messages were filtered, it would be a big change for brands used to showing up in all their followers’ timelines. But changes could be in order because Twitter still has to find a way to get those masses of visitors to become active users, and it has already tinkered with experiences that deliver information to users with a few clicks.”

    PNConnect Insight – While it might make sense for Twitter from a business standpoint to start offering some sort of algorithm-based feed, it would also serve them well to just make it an option, not the default. Power users in particular enjoy the unfiltered stream exactly because it’s so different from Facebook’s heavily-manipulated feed. Also, this functionality already exists in the form of Lists, though that’s something that’s largely beyond the first-time or even casual Twitter user.


    In Q2, Facebook Drove 23.39% of Overall Visits to Sites

    “Of the top 8 social networks, only Facebook drove a greater share of traffic at the end of Q2 than it did at the end of Q1. By increasing its share 10.09% (2.14 percentage points), it may be fair to suggest that Facebook stole share from the seven remaining social networks, which lost a collective 1.97 percentage points.”

    PNConnect Insight – The report’s data is all very interesting and shows how some networks are rising or falling as a source of traffic. So while mileage may vary from program to program, these industry trends are worth paying attention to and matching up against specific program analytics.

    Bloggers Beautify Posts

    “…blog posts with images saw higher interaction rates, suggesting that a large portion of the blogger community had adopted this trend to keep up with competition and drive traffic. But where do the opportunities to stand out lie? Video and, even more so, audio. Fewer than 15% of respondents said they included video in their posts, and a measly 2.6% used audio alongside content.”

    PNConnect Insight - “The visual web” has come to be applied mostly to Facebook, Pinterest and other sites. But it’s worth remembering, as part of an overall content strategy, how to work pictures and other visuals into blog posts as well, particularly if a website’s design emphasizes visual elements.


    Buzzfeed apologises and sacks writer over plagiarism

    “Ben Smith, a Buzzfeed editor, announced the move in an article on the website, stating: “After carefully reviewing more than 500 of Benny’s posts, we have found 41 instances of sentences or phrases copied word for word from other sites. Benny is a friend, colleague and, at his best, a creative force, but we had no choice other than letting him go.” All instances of plagiarism have now been corrected, with an editor’s note added to each.”

    PNConnect Insight – The most striking part of this is that it highlights how, almost despite its own mission statement, Buzzfeed still has an archive of content that needs tending. So while it emphasizes material that’s about “right now” it still has a vast history that is discoverable and accessible and, being part of the historical record in its own way, it still has a responsibility to correct errors long after they’re made.


    Facebook Makes Messenger Mandatory

    Facebook’s plan to monetize Messenger through payments just got one step closer to reality. Now users who want to keep messaging their Facebook friends will be forced to download the standalone Messenger app.

    PNConnect Insight – As we saw several weeks ago, Facebook will be separating Messages feature into a separate app. In doing so, the social network is creating focused apps that will essentially function more efficiently.

    Instagram takes on Snapchat with lightning fast ‘Bolt’ app

    As expected, Instagram has launched a new photo and video messaging app called Bolt, though for the time being only iOS and Android users in New Zealand, South Africa, and Singapore can put it through its paces. As its name suggests, speed and ease of use is at the heart of Snapchat-like Bolt, with the free app allowing for the super-fast sending of images and videos to friends.

    PNConnect Insight – The messaging app field is now officially crowded, which means a shakeout period should come shortly as acquisitions, shutdowns and more ramp up. In the meantime, this will be interesting to watch as it expands into other markets.

    A brand new Foursquare, with a brand new logo and look, is almost ready for you

    “This is the beginning of the ‘personalized local search’ future we’ve been talking about since we started Foursquare. It’s been built with the help of our amazing 50,000,000-strong community, with all your tips, check-ins, photos, and the smarts we layered on top of that. Those of you have been with us since the beginning, your check-ins and history will continue to help shape your recommendations. For those of you giving us a try for the first time – you still get all the benefits of a better way to explore any neighborhood, no check-ins required.”

    PNConnect Insight – Has any company done as big a shift in the last six months as Foursquare? Certainly “checking in” as a dedicated activity seems to be waning. But it remains to be seen if it can effectively become, at least in part, a dedicated local search service, an area it’s expanding into largely since it has the biggest potential for local advertising revenue.


    SEM the Most Effective Acquisition Channel for 85% of Retailers

    “A study by Shop.org and Forrester Research shows 85 percent of retailers surveyed said search marketing (including paid and SEO) was the most effective customer acquisition tactic. And, the research showed paid search was the channel most heavily invested in.”

    PNConnect Insight – What’s illuminating about this survey is not just how effective search marketing of some form or another seems to be, but how far down the list tactics like Facebook, Twitter and so on are. Consumer behavior is still very much based around searching for information as opposed to waiting for it to be presented to them in the feed.

    Facebook to end Gifts service as company focuses on Buy button

    Facebook has announced it’s to shutter its ‘Gifts’ service that allows users to buy digital gift cards from a wide range of merchants such as Starbucks, Best Buy, and Gap. The service will end on August 12, the social networking giant said, giving it the opportunity to focus more on other e-commerce features, such as its new ‘Buy’ button that lets Facebook users buy physical goods from companies via a single click without having to exit the site.

    PNConnect Insight – This news is not too surprising, as the “gifts” service never saw the expected pick up in usage. The ability to purchase natively in Facebook will remain, though, as the social network pushes their new “Buy” button.


    Medium Gets Its First Advertiser: BMW

    The six-month sponsorship will include BMW videos appearing the bottom of each article and text at the top that says “Presented by BMW.” Medium staffers will also generate up to five sponsored articles about the automaker.

    PNConnect Insight – This is a natural move for Medium since traditional display advertising was never going to fit in with the site’s overall aesthetic. Even “native advertising” may be an odd fit since the focus on Medium is about following interesting people or topics.

    Facebook Unpublished Page Posts Up, Creepiness Factor Hopefully Down

    “Based on data released earlier this month by Nanigans, advertisers believe that Unpublished Page Posts are the way to go. In Q2 2013, the newly introduced ad type accounted for just 2.9% of Facebook ads worldwide. Fast-forward one year later, and this share was at 50.1%.”

    PNConnect Insight – While these posts are very much ads, they’re also very much part of the content mix – and therefore strategy – even if they don’t appear in people’s Newsfeeds as regular posts. This is an important addition to the Facebook advertising arsenal and one content publishing teams should educate themselves on and work on ways to integrate it into their programs.

    Snaps To Riches: The Rise Of Snapchat Celebrities

    “McBride, better known as “Shonduras,” is Snapchat’s first homegrown celebrity and one of the first people to make money off of his intricate Snapchat art. Brands are shelling out up to $30,000 for advertising deals with McBride and other power users, hoping to reach Snapchat’s demographic: the fickle and influential 13- to 25-year-old bracket.”

    PNConnect Insight – This is the same trend we’ve seen on Instagram, Vine, YouTube and other platforms, where brands seek get “organic” exposure by working with those with huge followings on ad messages. But as always in such cases there’s not only the importance of including disclosure but also the risk that becoming, for lack of a better term, a corporate mouthpiece could turn off the audience that the individual originally attracted.

    PNConnect Weekly Reading 7/24/14: Blogs Grow on Mobile, Facebook Adds Save Functionality and More

    Social Media

    US social media use evolving

    “Lean-back behaviour has been characterised as more passive, and associated with longer attention spans, while lean-forward behaviour is associated with higher levels of engagement, active scanning for content, and higher levels of purpose. The general growth of lean-forward behaviour has led to a similar shift in the way Americans are using social media – fuelled by smartphone usage and exemplified by multiscreening – according to new paper from media agency network UM: Cracking the social code: Aligning consumers’ need states to marketing objectives.”

    PNConnect Insight – This isn’t so much a seismic shift as it is the current state of a shifting landscape. Right now there’s more active behavior among those on social networks as they seek out specific information, but that could change in six months. Right now, at least, this is the state of things and it means that keywords, links and more are pretty important as people search for what they’re looking for.

    Blurred lines: Are YouTubers breaking the law?

    “The reluctance of some YouTubers to clearly mark advertorial is neither new nor something that’s unique to YouTube: magazines and newspapers have long wrestled with the word. Even if a piece of advertorial provides a truthful representation of the writer or broadcaster’s personal opinion, the label acts as a warning to readers and viewers that, at very least, there is a risk of prejudice.”

    PNConnect Insight – It’s important to remember what, exactly, the guidelines and rules are for advertorials, native ads, sponsored content and everything else. And more than that it’s important to remember that much of the burden for disclosure rests on the side of the brands, who need to work to make sure there’s no confusion in the minds of the audience.


    Why Online Audiences’ Mobile Migration Isn’t All Bad News for Blogs

    “First the bad news. Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger and Medium have each experienced double-digit declines in U.S. desktop traffic in the past year, according to numbers from comScore. Three of them — Tumblr, Blogger and WordPress — have recouped some of their audience on tablets and smartphones, to the point that their respective mobile audiences are now bigger than their desktop ones. But so far, only WordPress has been able to offset its desktop declines enough to spur overall traffic growth.

    PNConnect Insight – It’s interesting that with so much focus on social networks that blogs – even things like Medium which aren’t what would be considered blogs in the traditional sense – are seeing such growth on mobile devices. This speaks to the long-lasting value of owning (in one sense or another) a permanent piece of digital real-estate as opposed to renting property on social networks.

    Instagram’s war against the click

    “Instead, keeping Instagram entirely self-contained (for now) is integral to both its consumer and ad strategies. The company has been laser focused for the past four years on making photo-sharing as quick and simple as possible. Adding link-sharing could divert from that niche, said an Instagram spokesman. In other words, Instagram isn’t going to make the mistake of most digital advertising and be hostage to the click because there are no clicks to count.”

    PNConnect Insight – As the article says, it would be easy – and profitable – for Instagram to allow links in photo captions. Instead they’ve opted to keep the experience pure, for lack of a better word. For publishers that means it remains a platform where they can do something truly unique, focusing more on creating an interesting and engaging experience for the audience as opposed to be focused solely on clicks and conversions.


    Websites Like Thought Catalog and Upworthy Aim to Uplift

    “Anchored by websites including Thought Catalog, Upworthy and ViralNova, this is an Internet that aims to lift up, not take down. The amount of content on these sites and others like them on any given day is mind-boggling: One wonders how so many feel-good stories can possibly be happening at the same time.”

    PNConnect Insight – While some have begun pushing back on this trend citing the sense of badgering the audience into feeling “good,” it’s hard to argue with the fact that these sites are doing something right from a content point of view. These stories play into how social networks, where stories from these sites are most often shared, are arranged to encourage positivity with Likes, Favorites and so on.


    Introducing Save on Facebook

    “You can view the items you saved at any time by going to your saved items in the “More” tab on mobile or by clicking the link on the left hand side of Facebook on the web. Your saved items list is organized by category and you can swipe right on each item to share it with your friends or move it into your archive list.”

    PNConnect Insight – This is a tool that, at first look, seems like an odd fit for Facebook. The network has been emphasizing how it’s part of the “now” conversation – a position it’s taken to compete against Twitter for media ad dollars largely – so to try and add “unless you want to read it later” to that seems off-message. But when you consider that this is about supplying value to publishers it makes more sense. What remains to be seen, though, is if any additional metrics will be available that show how many stories have been saved, how long they were saved for before reading and so on.

    Emerging Tech

    ‘Teen Wolf’ Fans May Have Tumblr Alternative in New MTV Fan Site

    “MTV has launched a new virtual clubhouse for Teen Wolf’s most creative fans. Dubbed The Collective, the site aims to showcase fans’ original art and poetry, and connect them with the people behind the show. That means no more searching Tumblr tags for the best of Teen Wolf fan art.”

    PNConnect Insight – This isn’t so much about the technology or platform involved – though housing this on Tumblr makes a ton of sense – and more about how the media company is actively embracing user-generated content and encouraging even more fan modifications of its intellectual property. That’s an area media companies have traditionally shied away from out of fear of getting into a legal situation, but instead MTV has embraced this notion because it knows that’s the best way to encourage fans to not only keep creating but, at the end of the day, watch the show.


    Coming Soon to Social Media: Click to Buy

    “Again, the idea is to simplify the buying process and keep people on Facebook instead of forcing them to go to another app or site to make the purchase”.

    PNConnect Insight – Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way people interact, and it seems that now they also want to change the way we buy. They are trying to adapt their platforms to make you sell more, and customer shopping more simple.

    Customer Service

    Survey: Most companies don’t get how customer service on social media works

    “About 80 percent of companies think they’re crushing it at customer service, but only 8 percent of paying customers agree. The disconnect was reported in a recent Sprinklr study, and truthfully, the results are not that surprising. Disgruntled customers are generally the most vocal. I believe it was Tolstoy who said “Happy customers are all alike, unhappy customers will write the most unique and profane things on Facebook.’”

    PNConnect Insight – If there’s a disconnect between how companies think they’re doing when it comes to social customer service and how the customers think they’re doing it’s because the companies in question aren’t doing adequate research. It’s important that reality be measured, not assumed or hoped for.